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Christian Anime Reviews

Reviews for Christians. Since anime (Japanese animation) is culturally more open with sexuality and related themes, Christian parents need someone who can give them reliable information on whether they should race in and change the channel on that "cartoon" their kid is watching. The American stigma is that all animated shows are like "Looney Tunes," where the worst thing a kid can learn is how to hum Mozart. But Christians and parents alike need to be able to find out -- quickly and thoroughly -- if a show holds unacceptable material for a) themselves or b) their children.

These reviews are targeted toward a Christian audience but ought to be helpful for any reader concerned with whether the content of a seemingly-innocent anime may leap at them like a sledgehammer. No one deserves those kinds of surprises -- especially not with such a potentially expensive hobby.

Since I had so many requests for anime shows acceptable for Christians (and so many people have different ideas for what that is), I created this -- the Christian Anime Reviews. This way, you can choose for yourself whether you want to try a new anime or not.

We try to cater to Christians on a VERY WIDE scale. This goes from people who can hear or let their kids hear cursing as long as they don't use it to people who absolutely HATE Harry Potter because he's Satanic (I love Harry just like I love some of these anime shows, but I'm not going to lecture anyone on what to believe -- I'm just here to provide a service).

This is not a review site to bash anime! Some people have poor views of anime because of what Japanese culture allows that the west definitely does not. But first and foremost this is a site that loves and appreciates anime and is trying to promote it. I did not start this site to tell people that anime is bad or to let anyone just down-and-dirty bash on it. Yes, I will allow unfavorable opinions, but I love anime, I think that it can be beautiful and artistic, and I welcome those who are coming here in a mindset to at least try it. And if anyone tries an anime, even if they don't like it, at least they tried it. What this site is here for is to help people root out the sort of thing they might not like and find something to their tastes:

For example, my aunt cannot stand any foul language. Period. So she'd want to know if there was foul language in something she or someone she loved was watching. Other people can't stand nudity. And even others can't stand magic. But these same people might love the violence or technology or madcap humor -- or anything! Or they might hate it all! What matters is, we're here offering reviews from a Christian standpoint -- and that does require a little more attention to the negative, but it doesn't have to be a negative thing. This site is to promote anime, not to tear it down or be unreasonable.

I love anime. My reviewers love anime (I hope). But we also respect the fact that, for a number of viewers, anime can go too far, and we seek to inform potential viewers so that they don't stumble into a situation that will make them react very badly and hate anime forever and ever, amen. Good luck. Have fun.


4.7.09 - Jaden Summers submitted a review of Tokyo Mew Mew which has been posted. Due to the almost 3 year gap between submissions, I'll be closing down the submission section and keeping the site up for viewing only. I no longer have the time to keep up with this project, and I don't watch anime anymore now that I play World of Warcraft (and keep a blog about it). Remember, if I don't have a review of something, Wikipedia is an excellent resource.

10.3.06 - Alex, Tanner, and I are methodically watching a bunch of anime, so I have a few more to add. I wrote up "Boogiepop Phantom," "Read or Die: OVA," and "Cowboy Bebop."

We had two submissions: "Kodocha" and "Fruits Basket." Thank you! ^_^

I removed the links to buy the anime because I thought it was annoying -- the text got too cramped -- and I decided that I couldn't keep up with the links. I'm slow enough already -- no need to make me as fast as a glacier. So I added an Amazon search box at the bottom of the review page. It will serve the same purpose, and I won't have to update it.

5.6.06 - Ugh. I just put up links to Amazon searches for the DVD, VHS, and Manga versions of every last anime that has been reviewed on this site. For your convenience. Appreciate me. *dies*

3.1.06 - Edited site after the server change. Updated my email on all pages and on the form for the FAQ (apparently, the form wasn't working because it sent everything to my old email). I'm a doofus. And, finally, I'm working on posting the reviews that have been waiting around on my computer since last August. I know I'm slow. Sorry.

New reviews: "Ai Yori Aoshi," "Dragonball Z," "Fruits Basket," "Fullmetal Alchemist," and "Slayers: TV Series."

8.8.05 - Added two reviews: "Rurouni Kenshin: TV Series" and "Rurouni Kenshin OAV 1." I'm watching "Full Metal Alchemist" this week and taking notes as I go, so look forward to that one!

4.27.05 - Added "Nandeyanen?!" as an affiliate. ^_^

3.17.05 - Yay! Alex's awesome friend, Tanner, gave me a "Flame of Recca" review.

2.19.05 - Added a counter. Added a "Read or Die: TV Series" review.

12.9.04 - Added a "Sailor Moon" review.

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